29 October 2010

One Stitch Forward & A Whole Cotton Reel Back

I seem to have hit a wall with my cushions... This week I've spent a number of hours unpicking, re-sewing and unpicking cushions and leaving cotton crumbs everywhere! It drives me crazy when I spend time trying to be productive and it feels like hours wasted! I don't know if I'm being super pedantic or if I just need to try harder, I mentioned in one of my previous posts the first cushion I sewed from this tutorial seemed pretty easy and I was happy with the outcome. Since taking sewing lessons, I have been shown the 'proper' way to make cushions. Now I know I might be starting to sound like a broken record with the whole zipper technique thing, but I just don't know which way to move forward.

Do I:
1. Go back to sewing cushions the way I did in the first place with 2 visible stitch lines around the zip?
2. Persist and hope that I can master the single visible stitch technique with a super neat finish and no fabric bunching up at the end?

Or maybe the question I should be asking is, if I was to sell these down the track, so long as they are sewn together really well and super neat, would anyone even care if they had 1 or 2 visible stitches around the zipper and is there in fact a 'proper way'?

Zipper 1, Zipper 2 - what do I do?


  1. Jess - to be honest I think most people will buy a cushion for the fabric more than anything. I know I do. Wether it has velcro, buttons, zips etc I dont think really matters. Your first attempt was awesome. It looks very neat and well made. I too have had to unstitch whole dolls/owls/bird softies. Sometimes very tempted to just pack it all away.....but I soon realise that Im just being super picky. Alot of my friends tell me they dont even notice that misplaced stitch/mistake that I always seem to point out. I guess what I am saying is to keep at your cushions the way you first started off doing them as they look really fab ;-)

  2. Thanks for the reassurance claudes, I will battle on!

  3. Hi Jess,

    After looking at your photo's again and again and again, i think you should keep the zippers like your first ever coosh ;)... I wouldn't even notice it...and to be honest, if i did i am probably someone super crafty that should probably just make it my self!
    Lets face it, if you continue to do the one that is quicker (1st one) which continues to look Fab, then you can sew your little heart out and complete many more cushions in which i can then finally purchase ;) Good luck with your decision but i do think your first one really does the trick!!


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