29 October 2010

One Stitch Forward & A Whole Cotton Reel Back

I seem to have hit a wall with my cushions... This week I've spent a number of hours unpicking, re-sewing and unpicking cushions and leaving cotton crumbs everywhere! It drives me crazy when I spend time trying to be productive and it feels like hours wasted! I don't know if I'm being super pedantic or if I just need to try harder, I mentioned in one of my previous posts the first cushion I sewed from this tutorial seemed pretty easy and I was happy with the outcome. Since taking sewing lessons, I have been shown the 'proper' way to make cushions. Now I know I might be starting to sound like a broken record with the whole zipper technique thing, but I just don't know which way to move forward.

Do I:
1. Go back to sewing cushions the way I did in the first place with 2 visible stitch lines around the zip?
2. Persist and hope that I can master the single visible stitch technique with a super neat finish and no fabric bunching up at the end?

Or maybe the question I should be asking is, if I was to sell these down the track, so long as they are sewn together really well and super neat, would anyone even care if they had 1 or 2 visible stitches around the zipper and is there in fact a 'proper way'?

Zipper 1, Zipper 2 - what do I do?

24 October 2010

Life is Full of Surprises!

Don't you just love it when life surprises you with good things! Yesterday I went along to a CWC event put together by Tess McCabe. CWC brings together women working in creative industries and establishing small businesses in order to share information, inspiration and ideas - a really great resource for creative gals!
A funny thing happened to me while I was there... I left my details on a mailing list and a few minutes later I got tapped on the shoulder by a stranger who turned out to be not such a stranger. It was the multi talented designer, illustrator and maker of things Renae Moore, aka VixenLily . We had been sitting right next to each other and she recognised my e-mail address from a giveaway I entered on her blog. We quickly worked out that we had crossed paths in blog land and she delivered the news that I was the lucky winner of one of her divine resin coated tiles. As if that wasn't enough of a surprise, we then discovered that we're headed down similar paths with our crafty creations and would you believe it, we live in the same suburb.
Gotta love how life is full of such surprises and WOW, what a seriously small world we live in!
Resin Coated Tile by Renae Moore - lucky me!

22 October 2010

Feast for Your Eyes

There's some great markets on for fellow Melbournians to feast their eyes on this weekend....

#1. Magnolia Square
#2. Craft Victoria's - Hatch

Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to get to either of these, I'm spending a lot of my spare time these days researching, planning and creating things as I hope to be able to have my own little stall at these sorts of markets down the track. So it's to many things too do and too many things on at the same time! Thank god for the internet, I'm sure to be able to sneak a peak at what was on show somewhere in this big web world.

17 October 2010

DIY Miniature Nappies

I know I'm starting to sound like the weekly weather station, but what on earth is going on at the moment! It is the middle of October, we've got fluffy little ducklings swimming around the pool which would indicate it's spring, but this weekend we've had to roll the heater back out and light the fire as it's been absolutely freezing with bucket loads of rain. No forecast predictions from me for this coming week, I think we'll just have to wait and see what weatherland has install for us and be sure to be armed with wooleys and a brolly at all times!

Onto craftier fun things and baby stations..... Today we're hosting a baby shower for my sister in law and I have been placed in charge of invitations, games and all things pretty -  all the things I love! Until last week I hadn't actually been to a baby shower, so luckily I was able to pick up some cute ideas. Amongst making and sewing some more cushions this week - I have quite a collection of cushion covers now and my zips are getting really good, I'll be sure to post some of the latest cushion action soon. I have made 20 miniature nappy broaches for one of the games we will be playing today. Last week my friend had ordered some pink ones online, they were ohh so cute but a little pricey. I figure as I am very much a DIY gal, I'd give these a whirl and after a few hours of cutting out felt, making a mess with glue and some hand stitches for reinforcement they're all ready for the games to begin!

A touch of lemon to keep in theme!

p.s. If you happen to be hosting a baby shower and want some tips and hints on how to make some of these super easy mini nappies, just drop me a comment and I will post some details.

10 October 2010

Cat Crazy!

Wow, splendid weather on the weekend again. For once the director of weatherland has got it right, beautiful sunny days on the weekend and crappy days during the week!

I've just come home from a baby shower and I think I may have OD'd on sugar..... this baby shower was out of control I tell you, fairy floss, hot dogs, snow cones, chocolate crackles, toffee, cakes, lollies, a chocolate fountain, fairy bread and the most gorgeous decorations up to wazoo.
My pink ugly duck cushion went down a treat which is great. I was a little unsure as it's the first cushion I have given as a gift, I took a punt as I had not seen the nursery, but the expectant mum tells me it will be the perfect addition to her rocking chair, so I can breathe easy!

To my sewing space for this week.

This is my first ever softy project, although it's more of a softy cross cushion. The idea for this came out of the book 'Simple Softies' and I knew it would be the perfect Christmas gift for the lovely cat crazy Ann, who has adopted us as her grand children. You see this is the lady who spoilt us rotten for our engagement by giving us a sewing machine, so I kinda have her to thank for helping me on my crafty journey. A few years back we house sat and looked after her five inside cats, hooly dooly what an experience that was! She loves all things cats and handmade so think she'll appreciate this little guy.

03 October 2010

Practise Makes Perfect

Slowly but surely, with a few frustrating moments and naughty words along the way, I am getting the hang of sewing the perfect cushion cover! 
The first cushion I sewed seemed rather easy (check it out here), but since taking sewing lessons and discovering that a well made cushion should only have one visible seam over the zipper, the bar has been raised and things have gotten a little trickier. I have to say being the fuss pot I am, that I'm not over the moon with my latest cushion creations, I love the quirky fabric and overall look but there is still some room for improvement around the whole zipper seam area. They say practise makes perfect and I intend to keep sewing my little heart out until then....

Red & Pink - sometimes so wrong, this instance so right!
This one's a gift for a friends nursery - yes, she's having a girl.
I'll get this zipper technique mastered one day - hopefully soon!

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