08 August 2010

Novice Conquers Cushion

First of all I have to say "Thankyou Melbourne for finally turning on some glorious weather", I was beginning to wonder if it was going to be a cold winter forever! This weekend has been busy and full of lots of things I love; a beautiful dinner enjoyed with my husband & friends at my fav Vietnamese restaurant Indochine, a day out with one of my besties exploring some great homewares & fabric shops and visit to a beautiful market. I will post more about my big day out later, but right now I have some very exciting news!

Yes exciting news alright, I have made my very first cushion. I know that to a seasoned sewer this is probably a very simple task, but to a novice like my self this is a serious feat. After one practise run, armed with some of my recently purchased fabric, my sewing machine and with the help of a great tutorial from Mildly Crafty (I could not have done it with out this tutorial), I have created my first ever home made cushion with a zipper. And the zipper is a big deal because until a few weeks ago I didn't even realise you had to use a special zipper foot let alone sew a cushion with a zipper. So it goes without saying that I have taken a couple of snaps to showcase my cushion masterpiece and I am one very happy and inspired sewer!


  1. Well done Jess, your cushion looks great! I'm so glad I could help out! Best of luck with your future crafty endeavors :)


  2. Hi Jess! Your cushion is lovely - things with birds on them are just the best! And putting in zips is not that easy - but by the looks of it, you did a fantastic job!

  3. Thanks for your kind words Lillabilly, I really surprised myself!

  4. a cushion with a zipper - yikes! that is scary...but you have inspired me Jess - so i will check out this tutorial and give it a go. thanks for sharing!

  5. Always glad to inspire another creative person Claudes! I'm sure you'll find the zipper a breeze, would love to see it once your done.


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