24 October 2010

Life is Full of Surprises!

Don't you just love it when life surprises you with good things! Yesterday I went along to a CWC event put together by Tess McCabe. CWC brings together women working in creative industries and establishing small businesses in order to share information, inspiration and ideas - a really great resource for creative gals!
A funny thing happened to me while I was there... I left my details on a mailing list and a few minutes later I got tapped on the shoulder by a stranger who turned out to be not such a stranger. It was the multi talented designer, illustrator and maker of things Renae Moore, aka VixenLily . We had been sitting right next to each other and she recognised my e-mail address from a giveaway I entered on her blog. We quickly worked out that we had crossed paths in blog land and she delivered the news that I was the lucky winner of one of her divine resin coated tiles. As if that wasn't enough of a surprise, we then discovered that we're headed down similar paths with our crafty creations and would you believe it, we live in the same suburb.
Gotta love how life is full of such surprises and WOW, what a seriously small world we live in!
Resin Coated Tile by Renae Moore - lucky me!

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