10 October 2010

Cat Crazy!

Wow, splendid weather on the weekend again. For once the director of weatherland has got it right, beautiful sunny days on the weekend and crappy days during the week!

I've just come home from a baby shower and I think I may have OD'd on sugar..... this baby shower was out of control I tell you, fairy floss, hot dogs, snow cones, chocolate crackles, toffee, cakes, lollies, a chocolate fountain, fairy bread and the most gorgeous decorations up to wazoo.
My pink ugly duck cushion went down a treat which is great. I was a little unsure as it's the first cushion I have given as a gift, I took a punt as I had not seen the nursery, but the expectant mum tells me it will be the perfect addition to her rocking chair, so I can breathe easy!

To my sewing space for this week.

This is my first ever softy project, although it's more of a softy cross cushion. The idea for this came out of the book 'Simple Softies' and I knew it would be the perfect Christmas gift for the lovely cat crazy Ann, who has adopted us as her grand children. You see this is the lady who spoilt us rotten for our engagement by giving us a sewing machine, so I kinda have her to thank for helping me on my crafty journey. A few years back we house sat and looked after her five inside cats, hooly dooly what an experience that was! She loves all things cats and handmade so think she'll appreciate this little guy.

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