17 October 2010

DIY Miniature Nappies

I know I'm starting to sound like the weekly weather station, but what on earth is going on at the moment! It is the middle of October, we've got fluffy little ducklings swimming around the pool which would indicate it's spring, but this weekend we've had to roll the heater back out and light the fire as it's been absolutely freezing with bucket loads of rain. No forecast predictions from me for this coming week, I think we'll just have to wait and see what weatherland has install for us and be sure to be armed with wooleys and a brolly at all times!

Onto craftier fun things and baby stations..... Today we're hosting a baby shower for my sister in law and I have been placed in charge of invitations, games and all things pretty -  all the things I love! Until last week I hadn't actually been to a baby shower, so luckily I was able to pick up some cute ideas. Amongst making and sewing some more cushions this week - I have quite a collection of cushion covers now and my zips are getting really good, I'll be sure to post some of the latest cushion action soon. I have made 20 miniature nappy broaches for one of the games we will be playing today. Last week my friend had ordered some pink ones online, they were ohh so cute but a little pricey. I figure as I am very much a DIY gal, I'd give these a whirl and after a few hours of cutting out felt, making a mess with glue and some hand stitches for reinforcement they're all ready for the games to begin!

A touch of lemon to keep in theme!

p.s. If you happen to be hosting a baby shower and want some tips and hints on how to make some of these super easy mini nappies, just drop me a comment and I will post some details.

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  1. Very cute Jess! well done. look fwd to your cushion covers....


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