29 September 2010

It's a SHOE INN!

OK so I'm breaking my rules today. So far I have made a concious effort to always post using my own pics, but today I have found something I got super excited about and must share!

This succulent stiletto could turn any gal into a green thumb!

I found this on Etsy in Giddy Spinsters Cheeky Home Decor Shop. I know chicks and shoes are pretty much always a sure bet, but this just makes gardening all the more exciting. This seller is located in the States so there may be a few issues getting the fully planted version sent to Aus, but I'm sure we'll be able to wrangle an unplanted version.

26 September 2010

The Simple Things

I have spent the past week away from my usual bush setting and leafy surrounds as we have been looking after a gorgeous little place in Fairfield. As I didn't want to cart everything in a semi trailer, I opted to leave my sewing machine and other design bits and pieces at home.
It's been kinda nice to have a little holiday away from home, even though we are still at our day jobs, I've taken a break from my usual creative night time antics and other than at work I have hardly even touched a computer. I mean I do love browsing and checking out all of the wonderful blogs out there, but sometimes it's nice just to take a little break and enjoy the simple things such as hanging out with Azz, cooking up yum dinners, taking a stroll, enjoying Melbourne's splendid spring days and chelaxing!
A couple of nights ago I was rummaging through the cupboard, trying to choose what flavour tea to have. To my surprise I discovered this seriously nice box of tea bags, I'm sure the tea is nice, but it's not the tea I'm talking about, it's the packaging! Harrods Herbal Infusion Peppermint Tea, check it out, a beautiful design printed on a lovely uncoated stock with the added decadent detail of a foil stamp. I know you might say what's the big deal it's just a box, but it's one seriously lovely box, too good that I decided I better just leave those tea bags alone.

16 September 2010

Bibs, Booties, Lemon & Polka Dots

Just whipped up a design for some simple little invites for my sister in-laws Baby Shower, I'm really loving lemon & polka dots today! Thought I'd show a little snippet, I've chopped off the bottom half as it includes details that I probably shouldn't publish to the whole wide web world.

On a craftier note, I am happy to say I am closer mastering the art of cushion making, well a simple cushion with out any fancy piping and things. The wonderful Shirley has taught me a new zipper technique where you only see one seam, and she has also helped me with the little extra attention to detail bits. A few more to sew and I'll be sure to post some more pics of my latest cushion ventures.

12 September 2010

Spoilt Rotten

It was my birthday this week and I was spoilt rotten with beautiful gifts from family and friends, a lovely dinner out with Azz and my in laws, a cake at work with the always embarrassing happy birthday sing along and a garden party enjoyed with the gals, devouring delicious homemade treats washed down with the very English PIMMS, at the fine establishment Madame Brussels. 

So, I'm another year older and a very lucky lady as one of the gifts I received from the #1 man in my life is a book I have had on my wish list and hanging out for; Prints Charming, by Cath Derksema and Kirsten Junor. It's full of fantastic sewing and hand printing projects for the home and family and I am very much looking forward to getting stuck into some of them right after I master the art of cushions!

The decor at Madame Brussels - perfect for a tea party

My very own copy!

I love the extra attention paid to the details on spreads

07 September 2010

Colour My World

Ahh colour! I could definitely waste away hours of my day exploring the magical world of colour, just don't ask me to pick my favorite as I'm more of a colour of the week or month sort of gal. If your in need of some inspiration or help with colour palettes, a fabulous site to check out is Adobe's Kuler. Whether it be graphic design, interior design, art and craft or any other sort of project that requires a splash of colour, this site is sure to become your friend.

A couple of swatches taking my fancy at the moment

04 September 2010


This week has been a good mix of craft and design. I had my first ever sewing class with the super experienced sewer Shirley Wheeler. Her classes are fantastic as you can commit to as many or little lessons as you please, work at your own pace and make what ever you want under Shirley's watchful eye.

I've also managed to finish off my poster design just in the nick of time, as the September 10 deadline for the Positive Posters competition is looming. Positive Posters is a non-profit international poster competition run by a group of volunteers based in Melbourne. It gives graphic designers at any level an outlet to create freely, use their skills to inspire, challenge and make a positive difference in a non commercial way - ohh what a treat!! This years theme is 'A Glass Half Full', a saying that refers to optimism. After some research and brainstorming I came up with a solution based upon my outlook on life.


What is droll, a donut or hole?

The solution behind this poster design is taken from the quote, "Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the donut; the pessimist the hole!' - Oscar Wilde

To open yourself up to positive outcomes, you must train yourself to think positively. This poster aims to encourage viewers to remember they have a choice and to take a moment and ponder their outlook on life...... you decide.
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