03 October 2010

Practise Makes Perfect

Slowly but surely, with a few frustrating moments and naughty words along the way, I am getting the hang of sewing the perfect cushion cover! 
The first cushion I sewed seemed rather easy (check it out here), but since taking sewing lessons and discovering that a well made cushion should only have one visible seam over the zipper, the bar has been raised and things have gotten a little trickier. I have to say being the fuss pot I am, that I'm not over the moon with my latest cushion creations, I love the quirky fabric and overall look but there is still some room for improvement around the whole zipper seam area. They say practise makes perfect and I intend to keep sewing my little heart out until then....

Red & Pink - sometimes so wrong, this instance so right!
This one's a gift for a friends nursery - yes, she's having a girl.
I'll get this zipper technique mastered one day - hopefully soon!


  1. I am just LOVING this Blog!!! Keep going as i am awaiting some details on how i can purchase one of these fine pieces of F&S.

    I particularly love the fabric from your first coosh but really, 1 or 2 in all fabrics will do nicely scattered all around the house!

    Keep up the great word and can't wait to see the next one ;)

  2. these look really good, i need to get off my bum and start getting creative again :)

  3. Stay tuned as there definitely are some plans to sell some cushions and bits once the quality is perfectamundo & I have my branding bits sorted.

    VixenLily, you do need to get creative again as your works are beautiful, both art & craft!


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