27 August 2010

Bubbly Duck

Thought I'd squeeze in a quick post, before dashing out to dinner for a well overdue catch up with some of our old time friends. I'm very much looking forward to a glass of bubbly after a whirlwind week at work, not to mention the red duck curry with lychees Saam Saii has on their menu. Now don't screw your nose up, I know duck and lychees... but it is really good. By the way, I hadn't intended this blog to be about food but as it has "Feast" in the name and food ranks very highly as one of my loves and this is my blog, I figure why not!

So to my point, yes I have done it again. I have sewed my second cushion and there were definitely a few improvements this time round, particularly when it came to sewing in the zipper. I'm am still struggling a little when it comes to getting the seams in the correct places, to make sure my cushion is the right size for the insert. I figure this comes with practise and what better way to practise than with some help from a pro. I have booked into a local sewing class and my first lesson is next week. Apparently I get to make what ever I want, so I think project number one will be to master a cushion! If there's anyone reading this and your giving some thing new a go, drop me a line, I'd love to know!

Love these little guys - courtesy of Alexander Henry

Pretty happy with this zipper

Charcoals a nice contrast

21 August 2010

Good things are coming....

Oh, how I love this time of year. In my travels, I have begun to notice glimpses of cherry blossom everywhere! Even though I have been battling with the dreaded cough your lungs out lurgy, the blossom gives me a nice fuzzy feeling that good things are coming, spring and then summer, but most importantly my birthday!
As inspiration for some new creative projects I am pondering about, I've been going through my library of photos and found some spring shots I took whilst working at Fleming's last year and thought I'd share.

13 August 2010

Right Track

Took the day off work today and went to Craft Victoria's Craft & Design as a Career seminar. Very informative and something I took away from the day "You must have a blog to get out there and get yourself noticed"..........  looks like I'm on the right track!

12 August 2010

Big Day Out

My design work has taken over my crafty side the past couple of days, hence the delayed post about my big Saturday out exploring homewares, furniture and fabric stores as well as the magnificent Magnolia Square.

I had my first ever visit to Patchwork on Central Park and it was like visiting a lolly shop, so many colours and patterns to choose from. We also stopped at Preview International Fashion Fabrics and had a chat to Paul who imports a beautiful range, his wools & linens are worth noting. Of course, I couldn't resist my fabric fetish and picked up few new bits for my collection, snaps below.

Magnolia Square. For anyone who hasn't been, all I can say is you must go. If you happen to visit the Melbourne market and the lady is there with her home made lime curd and mini meringues, make sure you stop by for a sample, it's a taste sensation not to be missed! I ended up with a big pile of cards as there were many talented designers and craft makers with great products to buy and inspire.

There were some surprise shops we stumbled across in our tracks and two that particularly took my fancy:
- Image Paperie, a fine paper supplier with some stunning hand made papers from around the world and the service to create hand made lamp shades from your chosen paper, at a reasonable price might I add.
- Fenton & Fenton - a vibrant and modern homewares store with a bohemian edge, ohh there where lots of things I wanted to take home.

And big thank you is in order to my dear friend Mel who so kindly chauffeured us around on our Big Day Out!

Red polka with splash of nautical
I love a little typography
Great texture
Wool with sweet detailed edging - I have some ideas for this!
Great to see a few hand made business cards at Magnolia Square 

08 August 2010

Novice Conquers Cushion

First of all I have to say "Thankyou Melbourne for finally turning on some glorious weather", I was beginning to wonder if it was going to be a cold winter forever! This weekend has been busy and full of lots of things I love; a beautiful dinner enjoyed with my husband & friends at my fav Vietnamese restaurant Indochine, a day out with one of my besties exploring some great homewares & fabric shops and visit to a beautiful market. I will post more about my big day out later, but right now I have some very exciting news!

Yes exciting news alright, I have made my very first cushion. I know that to a seasoned sewer this is probably a very simple task, but to a novice like my self this is a serious feat. After one practise run, armed with some of my recently purchased fabric, my sewing machine and with the help of a great tutorial from Mildly Crafty (I could not have done it with out this tutorial), I have created my first ever home made cushion with a zipper. And the zipper is a big deal because until a few weeks ago I didn't even realise you had to use a special zipper foot let alone sew a cushion with a zipper. So it goes without saying that I have taken a couple of snaps to showcase my cushion masterpiece and I am one very happy and inspired sewer!

01 August 2010

Light Bulb Moment!

A couple of months ago I was simply a Graphic Designer doing my thing. That was until I had this crazy light bulb moment....

I was reading the Home section of the Saturday Herald Sun and stumbled across a cushion made out of a coffee sack that really caught my eye. It was that moment I realised my fetish or some people may call it obsession with colours and patterns, it dawned on me that I could put my creative skills into action and make some of my own crafty creations to enjoy. (Although I would have to learn to sew, but that's OK because I already have the sewing machine and it's been on my to do list anyway!)
So after many hours googling on my MAC and driving my husband crazy, I have discovered this wonderful world of fabric designers and talented crafty people. I have purchased my first mixed bundle of quirky fabrics from Felix Loves Fabric (pics below), I have bookmarked my cushion tutorials and I am ready to sew.

I figured what better way to document my crafty journey than with my own blog, so here I am giving it a go!

Green Bird Chirp - Robert Kaufman
Black & White Step by Step - Alexander Henry
Red Letter Day - Lizzy House
Blue Retro Rocket Scientist
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