24 December 2010

All Stops

Well I've certainly pulled out all the stops this Christmas! You see my mother in law has been using bricks covered in wrapping paper as her door stops for years. She's knows I have always been creative and into making 'stuff' but it was usually limited to either design and print, drawing or cutting and pasting. Now that I have added sewing into the repertoire of things I do, my MIL made mention that some 'proper' door stops might be a good idea....
Well I say not a good idea, but a great idea as I loved making these 3 little guys (Sorry gals, but I think they should be guys as they remind me of little soldiers on guard the doorway!) After a flick around the big wide web world, a quick sketch of how I wanted my doorstops to look and some advice from my wonderful sewing teacher, I created my first ever pattern from scratch and my new project was underway. I am delighted with the finished product, they will be a great little Chirstmas gift for my MIL and I will definitely be making more of these. I think I may have to do a little more research into the filling as it needs to be something that is weighty and doesn't attract any weevils, mice etc. I've used wheat in this first batch as it was really cost effective and I know it's used in wheat bags that often lie around the house, so I think these will be my test dummies and fingers crossed they don't attract and furry or crittery friends!

Little matching loopy handles - my fav part!

In position and on guard

16 December 2010

Sewn, Stuffed & Plumped

For the first time since I started this little blog, last week my regular post was MIA. It wasn't because I didn't have anything to write about (that would never happen as I always have so much to say!), I have just been a little quiet because I have been going cushion crazy! I've sewn up some of my original favs and put a few new fabrics into action, some ready for gifting and others to become my very slow growing collection of stock. It's funny cause I was thinking that maybe I'de get sick of the whole cushion thing after a few, but I can't help but get excited once their sewn, stuffed and plumped!

My Cushion Castle! 

05 December 2010

Delightful Treats.

What delightful weekend filled with delightful treats! I got heaps of sewing done this past week with a new little project on the go, but before I go showing off my latest creations I couldn't resist a chance to blog about a feast as opposed to my usual stitches.... This is a beaut recipe for a Christmas delight 'Mum's Cranberry Slice', it's super easy and I made it for one of our Chrissy catch ups this weekend. It always goes down a treat and if you happen to be a fellow chocoholic, the icing gives you just the kick you need! As per most of my cooking creations this is a hand me down from my wonderful mum who is a hell of a cook!

Mum's Cranberry Slice.
pkt Marie Biscuits
1 cup coconut
90gm butter (melted)
1 can condensed milk
2 handfuls cranberries (chopped)
Block of White or Milk cooking chocolate depending on 
your preference
(I always use the Plaistowe brand of chocolate)

Crush biscuits, mix in bowl with coconut, add melted butter 
and mix together. 
Add chopped cranberries, mix and add condensed 
milk. Once all mixed, 
press into slice tray and place in fridge to set.
Chocolate Icing: Break up chocolate in bowl & add 1 teaspoon of oil.
Melt Chocolate (I melt in the microwave on medium heat
for 30 seconds to make sure it does not burn & the oil stops it cracking).
Spread over slice and put back in the fridge to set.

Slice up and share with everyone to enjoy!

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