15 January 2011

The Next Generation

Apologies to any regular Feast & Stitches readers for the extra posts and volume of reading here this week. It's very uncharacteristic of me to be blogging this often, but any who I must go on as I have a very belated post...

You might remember the baby shower we hosted back here. Well as it happens after the shower a beautiful baby boy was born and I am now officially an auntie. A huge fuss has been made as this is the first ever grandchild, nephew or niece within the family, I still can't get enough cuddles! I know this is very much after the fact so I have prepared some excuses:
- There really was a lot happening at the time
- I got hit with that nasty virus
- I couldn't possibly blog about this BIG news without a gorgeous announcement pic to show him off!

So three photo shoots later, some tears and the little tot already thinking I'm his crazy camera clicking aunt, I'd like to introduce little Jack...

I'm no Anne Geddes, but I enjoyed putting this together.

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