21 November 2010

Egg Yolk Yellow & Cream

Did somebody say SIX? The cricket season has definitely begun as I was knocked for a massive six this week and wiped out by a nasty virus. After 3 bed ridden days of aches, shivers and my head spinning like I was riding the good old Graviton ride, I've finally returned to the land of the living, walking & talking - although I'm sure Azz enjoyed some of the me non talking part!
On Friday afternoon you couldn't imagine my delight when I received my long awaited parcel in the post, a Yolk & Cream Bholu cushion that I had ordered a few weeks back. Could you think of a better colour for a pick me up...... it was just the little ray of sunshine I needed and is even lovelier in real life, I love the imperfections in the felt and what do you know, the zipper has 2 visible seems!

Embroidery detail finished by hand
bholu /bohl-loo/adj 1.descriptive of naive and free artistic expression.
Nothing like adding a little black, white & grey to yolk!

I need to make a special mention about Bholu, I came across them on a give away The Design Files was doing a few weeks ago and after checking our their products and website I think the integrity and values that sit with in the Bholu brand are wonderful and definitely a great model to base a creative business off. The designs are hand crafted by women artisans from traditional desert communities in India and the philosophy behind Bholu is about creating products to love and live with, while benefiting people they work with along the way. By using their traditional skills, the women artisans gain an income, hence independence and opportunity. Part of the proceeds from the collection go back to the Bholu Anganwadi Project which builds pre schools in underprivileged communities and provides over 280 poor children with love, education and a nutritious meal. It's so wonderful to see another great example of art and craft giving back. I couldn't think of anything better to do than to be able to design and create beautiful wares and give back to a community at the same time - that one's up there on my list of do's and dreams!

Oh and by the way, I've mentioned in the past that I'm very much a colour of the week or month sort of gal and I would have to say that this Egg Yolk Yellow is doing it for me this month - is there anything taking your fancy?

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