10 January 2011

Road, Rocks, Sea & Sand

I must say how nice it is to be home, my own bed and unlimited access to all my things! What a wonderful time we had on our road trip, driving through the locust plagues was like watching an animated bug movie in 3D, only it was FREE! Our first stop was the Grampians where we spent a few days and then to mix things up a little, we made the trip across to the gorgeous seaside town of Robe, SA. The change in scenery along the way was amazing, we discovered a few little spots of paradise and it was a great mix of outdoor action, adventuring and relaxation with some lovely surprises along the way...

A curious visitor popped by our cabin to say hi

The Grand Canyon in the Grampians - Spectacular


McKenzie Falls - Serious power in that water

Nice view to wake up to!
Something about that red sign...

Azz's dune adventure stomper tracks

The Happy Holidayers - That's Us!

Couldn't resist a little rust & water

This bug was on one big journey over the dunes

Ah, the end of another glorious day.

Now this is a little off track, but I can't go without mentioning how I surprised myself while we were away, I managed to get eight days into the new year without writing one list (OK except this one), not even a shopping list, no concrete plans and I don't even have a 2011 diary yet. For those who know me well, this would come as a big surprise as I am list crazy, nuts or maybe even a little obsessive about organisation and structure, you could say my life is a notebook! Anyway, I have one week left before I'm back to full time work so it's time to snap out of holiday mode, get serious, get a diary and get planning as I am excited and inspired to see what comes of this years to do's!

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  1. great shots esp the one of the "view to wake up to" ....oh and the red sign - am going thru a red/blue love fest at the moment. thanks for sharing your holiday pickies :)


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