04 September 2010


This week has been a good mix of craft and design. I had my first ever sewing class with the super experienced sewer Shirley Wheeler. Her classes are fantastic as you can commit to as many or little lessons as you please, work at your own pace and make what ever you want under Shirley's watchful eye.

I've also managed to finish off my poster design just in the nick of time, as the September 10 deadline for the Positive Posters competition is looming. Positive Posters is a non-profit international poster competition run by a group of volunteers based in Melbourne. It gives graphic designers at any level an outlet to create freely, use their skills to inspire, challenge and make a positive difference in a non commercial way - ohh what a treat!! This years theme is 'A Glass Half Full', a saying that refers to optimism. After some research and brainstorming I came up with a solution based upon my outlook on life.


What is droll, a donut or hole?

The solution behind this poster design is taken from the quote, "Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the donut; the pessimist the hole!' - Oscar Wilde

To open yourself up to positive outcomes, you must train yourself to think positively. This poster aims to encourage viewers to remember they have a choice and to take a moment and ponder their outlook on life...... you decide.

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