01 August 2010

Light Bulb Moment!

A couple of months ago I was simply a Graphic Designer doing my thing. That was until I had this crazy light bulb moment....

I was reading the Home section of the Saturday Herald Sun and stumbled across a cushion made out of a coffee sack that really caught my eye. It was that moment I realised my fetish or some people may call it obsession with colours and patterns, it dawned on me that I could put my creative skills into action and make some of my own crafty creations to enjoy. (Although I would have to learn to sew, but that's OK because I already have the sewing machine and it's been on my to do list anyway!)
So after many hours googling on my MAC and driving my husband crazy, I have discovered this wonderful world of fabric designers and talented crafty people. I have purchased my first mixed bundle of quirky fabrics from Felix Loves Fabric (pics below), I have bookmarked my cushion tutorials and I am ready to sew.

I figured what better way to document my crafty journey than with my own blog, so here I am giving it a go!

Green Bird Chirp - Robert Kaufman
Black & White Step by Step - Alexander Henry
Red Letter Day - Lizzy House
Blue Retro Rocket Scientist

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